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Responding to Crime Victims with Disabilities

Resource Directory for Service Providers



Autism Fact Sheets

Autism Society
Series of fact sheets and brochures designed to promote a better response to crime victims with disabilities. Fact sheets are available for police, paramedics, child abuse counselors, domestic violence and sexual assault counselors, attorneys, and social workers. This website also offers two brochures, one for crime victims with autism and another for their family members. Register online for free access to these fact sheets.

On the Scene and Informed: First Response and Autism

New York State Office on People with Developmental Disabilities, 8 pages
Booklet includes tips for responding to a person with autism. To order print copies, contact NYS OPWDD:

NYS OPWWD Communications Office
44 Holland Ave.
Albany, NY 12229

(866) 946-9733
TTY: (866) 933-4889