Welcome to the Stalking Resource Center

The mission of the Stalking Resource Center is to enhance the ability of professionals, organizations, and systems to effectively respond to stalking.


The Stalking Resource Center provides training that is victim-centered, research informed, and practice based. Stalking Resource Center staff are available to participate in training events sponsored by practitioners on the local, state, and national level. Training topics include:

  • Stalking: Prevalence, Lethality, and Impact
  • Stalking and Intimate Partner Violence
  • Stalking and Sexual Assault
  • Using Technology to Stalk
  • Stalking on Campus
  • Teens and Stalking
  • Analyzing Your Stalking Laws
  • Investigating Stalking
  • Prosecuting Stalking
  • Supervising Stalking Offenders
  • Threat Assessment
  • Safety Planning
  • Working with Stalking Victims

Training content can be developed and topics can be integrated to meet your specific training needs and can vary in length from one hour to two days. The Stalking Resource Center often partners with local and nationally recognized law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and other criminal justice professionals in providing training. The Stalking Resource Center is committed to providing training to meet the individualized needs of communities working to enhance their response to stalking.

To request training, please complete (to the best of your ability) our Training Request Form.

Upcoming Events 

National Indigenous Women's Resource Center Webinar Series

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center is hosting a webinar series addressing issues pertaining to stalking. Each webinar will feature Michelle Garcia, Director of the Stalking Resource Center; please read below for descriptions of each session, and click the links to register on their website.

Stalking and the Intersection with Domestic Violence - August 20, 2014 3-4:30 PM EDT
Stalking—a dangerous and potentially lethal crime—is often misunderstood, minimized, or missed entirely. This webinar will address the prevalence and dynamics of stalking with a focus on the intersection of stalking and domestic violence. Click here to register.

The Use of Technology to Stalk - August 27, 2014 4-5:30 PM EDT
These days, most stalking cases involve some form of technology misuse or abuse by the offender. In this webinar we will explore some of the most common forms of technology used stalk, including cell phones, computers, and GPS. We will also address considerations for evidence preservation of technology-based stalking. Click here to register.

Working with Victims of Stalking - September 3, 2014 3-4:30 PM EDT
In this webinar we will examine the effects of stalking on victims and considerations for working with victims, including victim safety, documentation, and advocacy and support services. Practical issues of threat assessment and safety planning with stalking victims will also be discussed. Click here to register.

Archived Events